If legal woes have you searching for what some people call a “car breathalyzer” or a “blow and go,” keep your search simple with Simple Interlock the Cheapest Ignition Interlock Device in the USA.

Image of Cheapest Ignition Interlock - Simple Interlock Co-Pilot Interlock Device

Your Co-Pilot will help take you home safely!

If you’ve recently been charged with a DUI or DWI, you might feel like you have to wave goodbye to your driving freedom. You might feel like you’re bidding farewell to cruising down the highway with the wind in your hair and your dog’s slobber dribbling down the passenger window. (Hey, your dog likes that “wind in the hair” feeling, too.)

At Simple Interlock, we have good news: now that you’ve found us, the only things you’ll be saying goodbye to are impersonal companies, long wait times, and customer service robots.

What can we say? We live up to our name.

Simple Interlock knows that you want to get back on the road, so we’ve made the process simple with the cheapest ignition interlock device. We have one ignition interlock device (IID) that can be programmed to meet your program’s needs. (See what we did there?) Pricing is simple and up-front; with no hidden or erroneous additions. No matter how you contact us—by phone, email, or chat—you’ll reach a real, live human being who can answer your ignition interlock device questions and walk you through the process.

Not that you need someone to walk you through it. There are only three steps.

1. Make contact with Simple.
2. Get your Simple device installed. (We call it your Co-Pilot, because it Co-Pilots you back to the land of unrestricted licenses.)
3. Come back each month until you’re done.  We have no hidden fees, so that helps keep us the cheapest ignition interlock device around.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get past your DUI or DWI and get on with your life, the choice is Simple. Call 1-866-698-7113, email, or click the chat window below to start your Simple journey today.

Don’t travel your ignition interlock route alone. Get the cheapest ignition interlock in the USA, take a Co-Pilot, and keep it Simple.